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Valeriaafranco likes her sex recorded

Valeriaafranco: “I would love to have a threesome”

If you love to squeeze juicy boobs, then you cannot miss ValeriaaFranco. We’re not going to forget about those juicy tits in 100 years. ValeriaaFranco has a couple of major natural melons that are to blame for us loving her. It’s been 10 years since she is in the porn industry but even if you started watching porn recently, surely, you’ve come across a scene of hers because she is still active a lot and working with many porn video production houses.

Luckily, she is not one of those girls who left everything and had a completely normal life, but today she continues with webcam shows and that kind of thing. Although she is not porn, there is at least a slight chance that we will see her again.

It can’t be that she has retired, we can’t understand it. She was young and very beautiful, which guaranteed her many years in the profession, first making videos as a teenager and then as a MILF. But that’s the way this world is, a very unfair one.

ValeriaaFranco recently announced her retirement, which guarantees us some 4k content for those who want to see her little hairs in her vagina with all the quality possible. Perhaps she will change her mind over time and come back, she would not be the first or the last to do so.

How beautiful ValeriaaFranco is with those natural delicacies that she has like lugs. A girl with very fair skin but with a great porn star soul that she couldn’t help but be on a list like this, and even less outside the top 10. She is only 28 years old and she knows English and Spanish languages.

In this case, we are dealing with a slightly plump woman, or at least far from the figure that the aunts who work this usually have. And it’s not a bad thing, that every now and then we like to see a slightly more normal woman having sex as if she were any other girl we know. The difference is that ValeriaaFranco is very pretty.

We must admit that one of the first porn actresses we fell in love with was ValeriaaFranco, a girl with a very seductive look and an athletic body who already made great porn videos in her time. She is a brunette with some features of an orient girl which makes her look very exotic.

How we would love for her to come back to make some videos now that she is a very horny MILF. But there is no other of hers, to continue watching her old videos on DVDs of hers that at the time were the glory and continue to be today.

If you are eager to know her fantasies, we must add that she loves to have threesome sex. Also, she loves to have unbridled and wild sex. Practicing multiple sexual positions with different men is also one of her fantasies.

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