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Juliiestar : “let’s go public anywhere”

Her French descent with that particular redhead makes Juliiestar a very beautiful woman. That’s why it’s hard to imagine a world where she’s not making new videos all the time to make a lot of people happy.

For a long time, she toyed with retirement, leaving it and coming back in her late 20s. But finally, a few years ago, she said she was done with it forever. It seems that this time is the definitive one, but hopefully, we are wrong.

It’s her best time Juliiestar was an extremely hot actress, just the way we like it. She has a very seductive body that she used perfectly to launch herself into stardom. She was always passionate about having sex in every scene she played, which made her partners have a better time, and it showed.

I want to show you

With a beautiful round butt and juicy tits like a few others, she managed to make more than 100 videos in the last few years. 19 perfect years with a blonde who just wanted something, to fuck as many people as she could.

Didn’t you know Juliiestar was retired? Well, now we have to give you this horrible news. It’s not that it was long ago, but news in this world doesn’t travel as fast as expected, there are no newscasts that cover the ideas and comings of these sexiest women.

This colorful girl, with hair that is always so particular and tattoos all over her body, should be part of the porn hall of fame if that exists. But if not, we should create it so that women like her get their well-deserved reward from her.

Anyone who has seen a video of Juliiestar will remember her dirty smile and that particularly horny look that she always wore. She started when she was bare of legal age to do it, but she soon quit. It was just over 3 years and still there are people who remember it like us.

Do you like anal?

Her passionate sexy and her sensual blowjobs were what made it so that no one could forget that face of hers. We do not believe that she can return because she has found another profession that may suit her better, that of a real estate saleswoman. Perhaps she there she can continue to take advantage of what she did before.

If Juliiestar left us anything good, before leaving us without her beautiful body, it was some 4k scenes. It is curious that before ending up in porn, never better said, she had tried her luck with religion. But the Christians rejected her and she, as revenge, got into this.

Juliiestar is a French porn actress as she knows French, German, and English. She is one of the biggest figures in the porn category.

If you love to see and follow porn actresses, then you should not miss following Juliiestar. She is here to stay for long period of time in the porn industry.

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