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My name is ScarleyDirty check me out on free sex cams and I am 29 years old. People say I look younger, but I don’t mind being 29 because it gives me experience.

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At this age, I know a lot of things. One of my biggest learnings is that I am knowledgeable in how to please a man. Another is that I know my own body so well that I can please it in so many ways. Live sex cams have helped give me this experience and this confidence. It has enabled me to explore my sexuality to the extremes and to achieve the biggest orgasms of my life. There are so many positive things that can be said about working here as a sex cams girl.

When you see me on screen and in my pictures, you will notice how different I look at various times. My lingerie is sometimes red, sometimes white, and often black. Guys who visit me often get to choose the shade. My hair changes frequently too. As a cam girl, I have blonde, brunette, black or red headed. I have even mixed the hair colors sometimes. Guys tell me it looks cute and I always love to get compliments. What girl doesn’t?

But one place where the hair never alters is between my legs. I keep my vagina shaved at all times, and always have done. I hate any nasty hairs down there. Once it starts growing, I have to remove it immediately or I just don’t feel horny and happy. Out comes the razor or the wax, off go the little hairs.

One of my best sexual experiences was having a man shave my pussy. He was so sweet he even played with my clit first so that it was big and sensitive. Then he shaved me with his big hands and the sharp razor. Every slow stroke sent a shiver down my spine. It was so sexy to have a man take such total control of my private place. It felt amazing to be so fresh and used in my pussy at the same time. Live sex cams, website sex cams cam sex, sex, live webcam sex. Https://www.sex.cam
Control is what I want from the men who visit me here. I want you to tell me how to pleasure myself so that I can pleasure you. I need to feel that you want me and the best way to achieve that sensation is through being dominated by a horny, nasty man.

I can sometimes be a very bad girl though. And bad girls need to be disciplined. So I always keep my pink paddle nearby so that you can deliver your punishment to me. Sometimes I deserve it, but other times I just submit to the pain. I want the discipline. It makes me feel alive. I need to be spanked firmly and regularly, whether or not I have done anything wrong.

So keep me shaved and keep my spanked and I will be the best live sex cam girl you will ever wish to find.

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