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If there is someone who has shaken the world of porn with her body, it is Natasha Beuys, a French actress, and her age is just 24 years old, and she has played with retirement on several occasions but in the end, she always ends up coming back.

Natasha Beuys has dark hair and a body that will drive you crazy, which is why fans of petite women have her among the best. What impresses her is that her body is not proportional to her height, and that is why she will always make you come strong when she wants to.

We never get tired of seeing her with something up her asshole, which is exactly what this slut likes to do. It’s not for nothing that they call this beautiful and exciting brunette the queen of annals. But it is not the only thing, she is also always willing to have sex with blacks.

With all those things that she likes to do, added to the ones that she has no problem doing, they make Natasha Beuys a delicious bitch. You won’t get bored with her videos, especially the ones where she puts her asshole to good use.

Natasha Beuys hot doctor play

Foot fetishes are this brunette’s specialty. She has many scenes that are memorable where she not only gets fucked but she jerks off with them. In one in particular, she’s on her back, and you can see a very tight little pussy that doesn’t make you think Natasha Beuys is anywhere near 25.

She’s celebrating 7 years in porn. We are sure she’s learned a lot during all these years. She has fucked multiple people, and sometimes several at the same time. There isn’t much more that can be said about her that you don’t see in her videos, because there is nothing that this mature woman hides from her audience.

A French that appears on several lists due to the large number of attributes it has. She’s a pig, she likes it in the ass and she’s also very intelligent. We know this because she has a college degree with a thesis in porn, and she’s not kidding.

Less than 25 years old, she flaunts a body that is quite beautiful, to tell the truth. Participating in this for the last many years, no one has not seen one of her videos, because she has more than 100 videos. A very fuckable and appetizing woman with those natural tits and that fat ass perfect for a brunette.

Natasha Beuys is the name she was given at birth, but we all know her by that big ass and the name Natasha. She is not happy about her, since the best whiskeys are made in two of those, and we would like to be able to enjoy one with her.

Her career began at a very early age, which brought her enormous popularity for a short period. She likes sports like soccer and running, logical if she was born in a state characterized by outdoor activities.

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