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Busty GianellaCox:A Webcam Sensation

My name is Gianella Cox, a 44-year-old webcam model. I always imagine fucking at an airport, say in an airport traffic unit with one of the workers. I want to know what it is like to have my lingerie shifted to one side and a dick popping from the zipper impaling me. I imagine that a hard veiny meat sinks into my pussy. Damn! What could be hotter?  I am a sexy blond woman who weighs 170 lbs and is 68 inches tall. I am super proud of my tight body. My big tits are such an asset, I love to flaunt those gorgeous pair of soft and succulent melons

GianellaCox sexy on the bed
How do you enjoy my red boots?

I like to have my butt grabbed and watch my hips receive all that sensual attention. Planting kisses all over me, especially my nape is so sweet. Kiss my back and neck, then go ahead and completely devour me. I love dominant males but if you are unsure about how to go about it, I will be absolutely glad to dominate you until you know how to do it with me. The power game of domination and submission is a really big turn-on. it makes me so horny when I dominate or get dominated by a man who knows how to use bedroom powers. 

Sex and intimacy is an art and I love those who know it and live it. Go down on a woman’s body as though it were a blank canvas and append delicate paintbrush. Each stroke, is intentional and adds to the beauty of the art in the long run. My outlook on erotic passions is versatile and open. That is why there are several sex positions that undoubtedly make me see stars. But some of my favorite positions are, a spicy hot missionary, the experimental doggy style, an intense cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position, and then the legendary 69 style which I use to showcase my blowjob skills. I give BJs my all, with the hope that my partner returns the same energy on my clean shave cunt till it begins to throb.

GianellaCox big boobs
I’m always in the good mood for live sex chat!

What distinguishes me from other web cam sex models is that I love to communicate and connect with my fans. People from all over the world are welcome to watch me do my thing. My philosophy is to treat others with respect in order to receive it, hence, I cannot stand mistreatment or rude people. Aside from meeting new people, I am open to learning new kinky things from all over the world. I want to experience life’s peak of intimate and intense pleasures while I am pleasing you. 

My full wardrobe of sexy lingerie and lacy under wears were selected with you in mind. I love to striptease you. I enjoy to masturbate and moan so loudly while doing it. But having you on the other side of the screen to watch me do what I love most is a lot more fun. Add me to your list of favorite models. Let us flirt, fuck, and meet our sexual fantasies in French, English and Italian.

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