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Douce Amelia is one of the best hot models on our list she is just 31 years old and looks hot like the hell.

Romania is full of gypsies, and since this top could not be less, here we have one that has the look of one. That’s one of the hottest matures from France, and her name is Douce Amelia, so you don’t forget.

Her career started when she was just 19 years old, and she’s been garnering experience and cock ever since. She’s now 31 and she’s already into scenes with young girls in very nasty threesomes, perfect for anyone who likes all that stuff about mothers and daughters with problems.

Douce Amelia is the name of our hot girl, and sensual are the huge breasts of this brunette. Now you know why she is in this position, and that is that those boobs can never go unnoticed. Especially when they really like to wear uniforms and fuck other girls in a very rich threesome.

At first, she made the typical European movies that you wouldn’t pay a penny for, using the name Douce Amelia. She soon attracted a lot of cocks and producers who needed more of them and Janes was ready to deliver them.

There aren’t that many XXX stars from France, but Douce Amelia is one of them. And not just anyone, who does some very interesting scenes, scantily clad of course. Maybe she doesn’t have as many great attributes as we would like, but the quality of these is incredible, enough to fall in love with this girl.

Being a smart girl

But you don’t have to go to the extreme, enjoying her videos is more than enough. Its main content is romantic, which doesn’t mean that there are no cumshots in her pussy and hot scenes to boot.

Douce Amelia doesn’t look like another girl from France, which is why she has appeared in the top 10. This super hot and sexy quickly realized her future and moved to her country’s capital. Everyone knew that she would find the best opportunities there, and they were not wrong.

She soon became too big for her own country, and it was necessary for them at 21 to try other porn markets. Why suck a few dicks for cheap if you can do it with the right one and earn a lot more? That, and that she liked her in the ass, and that pays too much.

Douce Amelia is the typical porn actress that we all know, and that’s good for us as we don’t have to make a very long description. Although there is always a newcomer who doesn’t know about the capabilities of this busty Hungarian, preferring young people who don’t come close to her heels.

But that is about to change when you see some things that this goddess has created with that sensual body. Maybe there’s a lot of plastic in Douce Amelia, but she doesn’t mean that when it comes to sex there aren’t many that can compete with her.

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