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I am ChaudeGreta, 27 years old and I’m a camgirl. For several years, my day’s schedule has always been like this: clean my room, sleep late, buy props, get online, do my show and get naked. This has always been my life as a cam girl.

I had always been strongly attracted to sex work. I was sexual and seductive and I do a lot of crazy stuff like taking off my clothes at parties. I’m a girl who is always wanted to be wanted. A girl who needed attention “sexual attention” all the time and people got shocked when they know that I don’t get any pleasure from sex. In my early 20s as a teen, I don’t know how to experience pleasure despite liking everything around sex, but I didn’t enjoy sex itself.

ChaudeGreta live sex
Just look into my sexy eyes

Nearly a decade ago, then I learned about sugar daddies and I found one on a sugar daddy dating website, having a lot of fun together, but ultimately, wanted to go in full into a career in sex work. Then I learned about camgirls, and what it meant to be a camgirl. A lot of camgirls mainly perform sex and erotic activities via webcams for money. Then I fell in love with it, so I made a profile on the cam site, built a cam identity, and signed on. Then my online life revolves around the world of the sex cam.

I attract people in the most seductive ways that will make people horny and crave sex. With sex cam, I seduce men by showing them sexy moves, touching my boobs, and uncovering my body parts. I have quite a big breast that will drive you crazy. My pretty body is sexy enough to make you want to cum and crave sex like hell. My skin complexion drives every man crazy. I help men to masturbate, cum, and do sex moves according to their requirements. I find pleasure in seducing men and making them horny. I press my boobs, fingering myself, speaking some sex talk, and suck dildo so they can enjoy and satisfy their needs without having sex physically.

ChaudeGreta sexy outfit
How do you like my sexy outfit and cozy glasses?

I have several outfits and a variety of sex toys to satisfy you in live sex chat. I use sex toys like dildos, and vibrators to get myself to squirt, masturbate, and orgasm for my men. I like the largest dildo size because it brings more pleasure for me and makes every man have the feeling of their dick being sucked.

My men like it more whenever I lick and insert the sex toy into my vagina, making some sexy sound like “ride me harder babe, I wanna cum”, give it to me, masturbating with this sexy sound of mine meanwhile, I also feel extremely satisfied. In this case, both my men and I feel satisfied and enjoy watching me on the sex cam.

I help them masturbate by fingering myself and fucking myself very hard. I find joy and satisfaction by doing sex through live cam, I feel amazed by making men cum.

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