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Hi, I’m Anny Taylor. Even though I am just 18, I know a lot about fucking. Or at least I thought I did before coming to work as a cam sex girl. Here on live sex cams is a big part of my education in sex. Working here with my panties off and men stroking their cocks as they watch me is the perfect place to learn more.

I am the perfect little student. Sometimes I am in school or college, other times I am here learning more things about my body and how to please men. With the camera on, my thin legs open, and my pussy exposed and ready, it is the perfect learning environment. There is so much you can do with a fresh young pussy. So much to learn and many different things you can make an eager fuck hole do.

Some days I like to just cream my pussy slowly. It takes time but feels so good as my fingers move in and out. As the sex feeling increases, it is always good to rub my wet hole and give my clit more pleasure. She is always so demanding. With so much pleasure it is not a long time until the thick white cum starts dripping through them. It always tastes so delicious when I am licking it off my horny student fingers.

Other times I go hard and fast, ramming my dildo into my vagina as quickly as I can. The urge to fuck my vagina can just be so strong. When I am in that mood, nothing but a deep hard fuck will do. If I can’t get a dildo or penis inside me, I cannot concentrate on anything else. I love the sensation of being pounded hard in my pussy. In and out like a heaving piston, pushing me further on until my hot little body can’t take much more and my whole pussy explodes in a beautiful sensation of pleasure.

There are always new things to learn. My little teen fuck hole is hungry and always keen to learn more. Some cam sex girls have told me about squirting. I have seen my friends do this, making big shoots of pussy juices. Squirt looks so yummy. I want to taste the hot squirt. It can come from my hot hole or a friend’s vagina. The more I teach myself to fuck here, the closer I can get to squirting too. I want to be a very bad girl and make a big puddle of wet squirt in the bed. Maybe then I will be a real slut because that is my ambition.

It is hard being a student of the school and a student of cam sex at the same time. But nothing comes without hard work and a lot of serious attention to my studies and my pussy. With this experience, I am sure to be top of every class and always the teacher’s pet.

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